WHAT is whichbox®?

whichbox® is:
  • Turnkey, Integrated, Convergent Technology Platform
  • All-Media Content Creation and Management (All-Media CMS)
  • Fully Integrated Social Networking and Social Media (including UGC)
  • Platform / Device Agnostic
  • Delivered as On Demand / Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Can Replace, Supplement or Integrate with Existing Technologies, Tools and Applications

whichbox® is NOT an "app" or other singular-focus application.

whichbox® is all media content  creation, content management, social networking, social media and user generated content, ad-serving, e-commerce, delivery to any tablet device, multi domain management, and more: all wrapped in one.

No matter what kind of content and/or media you produce and distribute, including traditional print (magazines and newspapers), TV, Radio, or more, whichbox® is designed for you.

whichbox® is for content creators and content owners of all stripes: publishers and media companies, businesses and the enterprise, not-for profits, trade and professional organizations, and for educators and eLearning environments. 

The feature-deep whichbox® Platform is designed to empower content centric and content-rich organizations to manage multiple domain verticals from a single dashboard, manage their content, and its distribution and syndication, and (re-)focus on their core: content creation and audience engagement.

whichbox® is the “SIMPLE Future of Online Publishing™”