Social Networking

The whichbox® Social Networking Platform can be vertically integrated into your existing site, or, lay the foundation for new verticals or projects.

The whichbox® Social Networking Platform goes beyond the basic features that today's users already expect:

  • The User Profile includes "about me" information that can be tailored for your vertical. For example, the profile can include answers to special questions like "Favorite TV Show" or "Favorite Food", etc.
  • Users can have "friends" connections within the whichbox® social platform and/or connect to other social networks.
  • Interaction and status updates with popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Users can include "feeds" from twitter, digg, etc. in their profile
  • Users can create photo albums, sharing their experiences, life, family, trips, etc.
  • Users can create a list of their bookmarks to share with friends
  • Optional upgraded user profiles that can become "branded" profiles
  • Ads can be served into the “MY” section
  • Users can publish "all-media" stories (see “organic storytelling® and .....)

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